Adventures in Azoth

Session 0

Rise of the 4th in Time of the 97th year

The Boar’s Head. A social hub and resting place, as the only tavern in the small neutral town of Hillsdale. The door bursts open, and in walks Truely, a Tiefling potionmaker and guildmember with… unique methods of delivery. At another table sits Al, a stout Dwarven rogue, as abrasive to the eye as he is in conversation, admiring one of his many bladed weapons. Meanwhile, two Dwarves meaning only to have a drink are accosted by Diana, a human that intends to ascend the the throne using only her determination and grit. A typical tavern scene, about to be thrown to chaos.

In bursts Rob, the local blacksmith, panting and covered with soot. “They took her… they got my girl.” He goes on to recruit the members of the party (by various means) to take to the woods in the North and find his daughter. They party gathers, and are away.

Tracking goblinoid footprints through the forest, the players begin to see a structure in the distance. But night draws close. Making camp for the night the party has their first taste of comat, when 4 wolves attack from the woods around them (they are after all, in the Woods of the Wolf). After a difficult encounter and a few close calls, a pinpoint strike from Al and an expert axe throw from Diana pull the spirit from the last of the wolves, and the party rests, unaware of just what trials will await them at daybreak.


Strider_Icarus Strider_Icarus

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